DATE: September 29, 2016
LOCATION: Heidelberg
Heidelberger Frühling Freundeskreis Konzert September 29, 2016

Four chairs, four colors, one model: The four actors within a string quartet are equal, but not the same; each one has his own color. Four individuals form an ensemble at the moment when the first note is played. This marvel of communication and community fascinates music lovers all over the world.

The Heidelberger String Quartet Festival also stands for a highly condensed weekend for musicians and listeners. A group of connoisseurs and enthusiasts, who grow together and form a unique community over the four days.

Lazarus play for the Freundeskreis for the 2017 festival!



Haydn String Quartet Op. 77 No. 1

Beethoven String Quartet Op. 59 No. 3

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